We seek to understand how the world works at the small scale. Quantum mechanics is the fascinating field that studies how nature works on the nano- and microscales. Several questions are still under investigation: What is the nature of the transition between the quantum mechanical laws and those of ordinary classical mechanics that large systems obey? How can one use the stronger coherences that arise in quantum systems to make possible more precise measurements or quicker computations?

We are a theoretical quantum physics group working on addressing these questions from the lovely island of Malta. We are based in the Department of Physics at the University of Malta, a vibrant research-led department with active interests in the quantum world, applications of electromagnetism, instrumentation, and astrophysics. The work of our group spans the fields of quantum optics, including quantum optomechanics and quantum information, and quantum thermodynamics.

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We're hiring!

Our group is always looking to hire more bright minds to join our various research efforts. Head over here for more information.

Brand new PRL!

In our latest Physical Review Letter we demonstrate and explain the locking together of two microscopic mechanical oscillators using a modulated driving optomechanical force. This was the result of a collaboration with our HOT partners, based on amazing work by our student Karl. Read more on the journal article or the arXiv preprint!

Research highlights

Perturbative many-body transfer

We study the transfer of excitations between different locations of a quantum many-body system and find that perturbative high-quality transfer is attainable in the weak-coupling limit, for both bosons and fermions, only for certain modular arithmetic equivalence classes of the wire's length.

Entanglement distribution in the Mediterranean

We have distributed entanglement, using pairs of polarisation-entangled photons, between the islands of Malta and Sicily over an established telecommunications link. Our experiment was conducted without laboratory infrastructure.

Manipulating heat flow in quantum devices

We demonstrate theoretically that the observation of unidirectional flow of heat is possible within quantum cascaded systems.